The Best Way to Roast Chicken

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I love chicken because it is delicious, easy to make, kids rarely complain about it and if you cook enough it can be used for several meals.  These days it is fairly easy to source well raised pastured chickens too. The problem with white meat chicken however is that it can often be dry. The key to this recipe is using chicken breast that still has the bone and the skin. Not only is it more delicious and more nutritious, it is cost effective as well. This is the way my mother and grandmother used to roast chickens, one of the few healthy recipes passed down to me. This is my quick and easy go to on weeknights because it is so hands off, so simple literally ANYONE can make it. In fact, I have taught my 8 year old to make it! She needs help with lifting though 😉




  • Chicken Breast with bone and skin, preferably pastured and local
  • Pastured Butter or Ghee
  • Sea Salt
  • Garlic Powder, organic

- Generously season chicken breasts on both sides with salt and garlic powder.

- Arrange breast side down on cookie sheet and top with a pat of butter on each chicken.

- Roast at 375 for about 30 mins, turn chickens breast side up and add another pat of butter, roast for another 15 mins or until golden brown. Chicken is ready when meat begins to pull away from bone.

- Baste and serve.


The sauce from this chicken is A-mazing! and my family literally fights over it. Lately, I have been surrounding my chicken with some onions and carrots and some times potatoes to make an all in one meal. They soak up the sauce and mmm, mmm!

Other times I will change up the seasoning, but it isn't necessary. I like adding in some rosemary, lemon essential oil or lately I have been really loving sage. The flavour possibilities are endless.

Take the bones and turn them into chicken broth. Cook extra and use for soup or chicken salad the next day.


What is you favourite way to cook chicken?



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