How to Make Infused Water

blueberry infused water

Hydration is absolutely necessary for optimal health. However, sometimes it gets boring drinking plain water all day every day. Sodas, teas and other tasty options, even those labelled healthy, are often full of junk. So, what to do? Make infused water. Infusing water with fruit, herbs and other botanicals is simple and adds flavour + nutrients to your water without the downside of excess sugar, calories, artificial colors and flavourings and preservatives. It 's looks beautiful too. It's easy to stay well hydrated when your water looks refreshing and tastes delicious.



  • Always use fresh ingredients. Choose organic herbs and produce to infuse. Wash ingredients before use.
  • Use a good quality filtered water.
  • Use cold or room temperature water. Hot water breaks down your fruits and botanical and may compromise some of the nutrients you are trying to extract.
  • Use glass containers. Plastic often contains chemicals that can leach into your water. There are some really cool
  • Slice your fruits, for harder fruits like apples slice them very thin.
  • Crush fibrous roots like ginger, turmeric and rosemary.
  • Tear apart herbs and leaves to release valuable oils. Use caution with herbs, it is very easy to add too much of a good thing resulting in strong a flavour.
  • Pay attention to your timing. Some of the more dense ingredients like lemongrass, ginger, apple and rosemary may need to soak overnight. Melons and berries can look sorta slimy and only need to soak a short period of time. Unpeeled citrus fruits will become bitter after a few hours.
  • Lemon and lime are natural preservatives that may keep your water fresh longer.



  • Prep and place chosen ingredients into your container.
  • Fill container with a good quality water, cold or room temp.
  • Soak botanicals for at least 2 hours for the most potent flavour and color. Allow water to infuse at room temperature up to 2 hours. Afterwards place into the fridge to discourage bacterial growth. If you do not drink your water after 24 hours strain solids and store for a couple days.  Discard water if not used within 3 days.
  • You can replenish your water throughout the day. Just add new water into your container when the original water reaches the halfway mark.


  • strawberry + basil
  • cucumber + mint
  • blueberry + thyme
  • grapefruit + rosemary
  • orange + hibiscus
  • watermelon + ginger
  • cucumber + lime
  • jalapeno + pineapple
  • apple + ginger + cinnamon
  • lemon + raspberry
  • pear + fennel
  • blueberry + lavender = calm
  • pineapple + coconut
  • lemongrass + thyme
  • cardamom + rose

You can even try infused water with sparkling water, like Topo Chico, too.

Have you tried infused water? If so, what are your favourite flavour combos?

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