How to Make Chicken Broth

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One staple for a well nourished gut while implementing a nutrient dense diet is a good bone broth (or stock). Broth is chock full of minerals and gelatin which are necessary for gut healing. Nowadays you can easily find some great tasting nourishing broths in your health food store. But, they are expensive. Back when I first did the GAPS diet, real broth was virtually unheard of. You could hardly find good bone resources and broth recipes much less already made broth.

So, I learned to make my own. Since I am frequently asked how to make bone broth, I finally wrote down the recipe to share. The little bits refuse to eat any other 🙂

My top 3 reasons to drink broth:

1.) Heal and seal your gut
2.) Protect your joints
3.) Immune support

And it tastes delicious! Once you get into a routine, it is super easy. You will never buy broth again.


How do you like to make your chicken broth?

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