Ten Podcasts to Inspire Better Health


Podcasts are one of my favorite inventions ever! Ahem, I might even have a bit of an addiction to them. I listen to podcasts when running, lifting weights, doing household chores, etc. Pairing exercise with podcasts/chores is one of the best things I ever did for my habit formation! Plus, I have learned so much from all the hours I've spent listening.

Without further ado, here are some awesome podcasts, categorized by subject matter, to get you inspired to better health and a happier life in the new year.


Podcasts for Nutrition & Fitness Nerds


#1. The Nourished Podcast with Meg Doll & Shawn Mynar

I love podcasts that merge real-life advice along with discussion of all aspects of health: physical, emotional, spiritual. Shawn & Meg talk about eating intuitively with health challenges, body image, and more.


#2. Well-Fed Women Podcast with Stefani Ruper & Noelle Tarr

Another great podcast that encourages self-acceptance, positive relationship with food, and healthy body image. Noelle & Stefani often discuss hormones, digestion, acne, fertility, and more hot topics for women's health.


#3. Keto for Women Show

If you're considering a ketogenic diet or feeling restricted when on keto, listen to this podcast! Shawn gives great advice on prioritizing health over weight loss (remember, you get healthy to lose weight, not the other way around) She also has a fabulous group program that I participated in this past May.



#4. Straight Up Paleo with Kara Halderman & Christina Rice

One of my favorite podcasts because it lives up to its name. I love how Kara and Christina give honest advice and dispel a lot of the myths that circulate in our ancestral health space. As a bonus, I love the "younger" Paleo perspective since I'm 22 myself.



#5. Unbound Healing Podcast with Michelle Hoover & Anne Marie Garland

The Unbound Healing Podcast is perfect for anyone with autoimmune disease or chronic health issues. It addresses mindset challenges, body image, and dietary changes that are common when dealing with a chronic illness. Love it!



Podcasts for Functional Medicine Practitioners & Students


#6. Dr. Ruscio Radio: Health, Nutrition & Functional Medicine with Dr. Michael Ruscio

I deeply resonate with Dr. Ruscio's philosophy on functional medicine, which emphasizes sustainability for both practitioners and patients. Making functional medicine affordable is a key step toward improving our healthcare system as a whole, so I'll be a loyal listener for life!



#7. New Frontiers in Functional Medicine with Dr. Kara Fitzgerald

Kara Fitzgerald is one of my favorite functional medicine practitioners. She's an ND (naturopathic doctor) and on her show, she interviews a wide variety of healthcare practitioners. I love the depth and breadth of information covered in this podcast.



#8. High-Intensity Health Radio with Mike Mutzel

I listen to High Intensity Health when I'm tired of the "same old" health and nutrition conversations. Mike Mutzel brings something different each time, and he has accompanying in-person interviews which air on his YouTube channel.


Podcasts Everyone Can Love


#9. Underground Wellness Radio/ The Sean Croxton Sessions with Sean Croxton

Sean has podcasted for years, and I listened to Underground Wellness until he retired that podcast a few years ago. Now he has the Sean Croxton Sessions, which range from personal stories to business advice. It's such a good mix and I'm thoroughly impressed!


#10. Happier with Gretchen Rubin & Elizabeth Craft

Last but not least, Happier is a podcast I actively look forward to hearing on Wednesdays. Gretchen & Elizabeth offer common-sense solutions to common drains on our happiness. They give one "try this at home" tip per week, that allows you to incrementally increase the amount of happiness in your daily life.



That's all, folks!

What are you favourite podcasts? Share in the comments below!

Enjoy your podcast listening 🙂



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