Hey, I am Kristen. I am the wife of 1 great guy, a homeschooling Momma of 4, a serious foodie and a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. We currently reside in the lovely Austin, Texas. ATX is a foodie heaven! If you were to visit us we may not know all the things to do but we can take you to ALL the good places to eat. You will find a good portion of this blog is about local resources here. I am passionate about using real food as medicine and empowering others to do the same.

About 8 years ago I embarked on my real food journey. Although most people see me as a sort of food nazi sometimes, what they don't realize is that I MUST eat clean for survival. For me, bad diet = pain, depression and intense brain fog. Besides, now that I eat real food whole foods my meals taste better than ever. Once you make the change it is hard to go back. My current way of living/eating evolved in baby steps over the past decade. Small achievable changes over time can making lasting impacts. I am not a organizer and thrive on chaos by nature. So, I am here to tell you if *I* can do this, so can you. Be encouraged!

If you struggle like I did and you find the internet overwhelming, visit the services page to see how I can help you implement long-lasting, positive health changes. Decide to thrive, not just survive.



  • Chronic Fatigue, ALWAYS sleeping
  • Chronic UTIs / Interstitial Cystitis
  • Horrible PMS and Cycles
  • Sugar addict
  • Pre-diabetic
  • Brain fog and depression
  • No motivation
  • Irritable
  • Anemia
  • Thyroid issues
  • Left knee, joint and wrist pain
  • SEVERELY allergic to bananas
  • Not a single positive thought
  • Lived on Totino's, Ramen and Hamburger Helper. Not a cook!


  • Fought the war with Candida, no longer crave sugar
  • Energy, naps for fun, not necessity
  • Feel refreshed and rested after sleep
  • Dropped 30+ pounds... and kept it off with ease
  • Motivation
  • Thyroid and anemia under control
  • Short almost painless cycles
  • No longer allergic to bananas (thanks GAPS diet)
  • Started to exercise, ran half marathons (me!)
  • Thinking changed completely, positive thoughts are amazing
  • Learned to cook and like it
  • Food tastes better than ever!

Although I still have some issues + struggles at times and am not 100%, my worst days now are better than my best days before!



Hi everybody, I’m Carly. SO excited to be here as a part of Hearts for Health! I am a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner through the Nutritional Therapy Association and a third-year nursing student. I am currently studying the interaction of food chemicals and human physiology with Julie Matthews of the Bioindividual Nutrition Institute. In the future I plan to blend my knowledge of nutrition and preventative medicine in order to provide compassionate, holistic care.

At the age of 12, I was suddenly diagnosed with an autoimmune disease: type 1 diabetes. Following conventional “carb and cover” medical advice, my health deteriorated for years after my diagnosis. At the worst, my A1C (roughly, average blood sugar over 3 months) was 223, at a 9.4%, and I was completely housebound with fatigue, acne, weight gain, autonomic neuropathy, and neurological issues. After much research and prayer, I decided to completely change my diet. Changing my diet created a paradigm shift in my life. Within a month of changing my diet to “real food”, my skin cleared, my blood sugar levels fell into a normal range with much less effort, and I regained my positive outlook on life. . I now maintain an A1C of 5.0-5.2 consistently with a ketogenic diet and consistent, diligent diabetes management.

My health is far from perfect- over the years I’ve continued to uncover more pieces of my health puzzle. Most recently I was diagnosed with CIRS (mold illness) and Lyme disease, and as a result biotoxin illness has become a huge passion of mine. Despite all the changes, nutrition has remained a constant throughout this journey!

Now I’m a nutrition nerd who’s on a mission to spread the message about how real food nutrition has a huge impact on our health. I also love to do yoga, run, lift weights, read just about anything and watch Netflix (my guilty pleasure is Hart of Dixie… please don’t judge me!) Hope to chat soon. Please drop me a line at carlystaggntp@yahoo.com if you have any questions!!


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